THERAPY AIR® ION – Kills ALL viruses DEAD!

The ultimate breath-giving innovation

“Therapy Air® iOn is the ideal solution for keeping living spaces clean and safe as it filters, purifies and enriches the air with negative ions.”


As long as we are breathing, air pollution will affect us! Therapy Air kills all viruses inluding COVID-19 

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The ultimate breath-giving innovation

This high performance, high-tech device is both beautiful and easy to use. It is based on revolutionary technology to keep living spaces clean and safe. Therapy Air® iOn is the product you have been waiting for. Reproducing natural mechanisms, Therapy Air® iOn is as multifunctional, as technically advanced and as stylish as it is easy to use. It will allow you to enjoy pure, forest-like air all around you.

The Best Technology for the Best Results

Zepter International researchers, experts and technicians have designed and built a real innovative device for you.
This application uses highly sophisticated technology capable of dealing with all kinds of threats to both your breathing and health. One of Therapy Air® iOn’s main characteristics is that its incredible power and technology can be operated using a simple, direct user interface. Your preferred settings can be programmed in at the touch of a button.

Therapy Air® iOn is the ideal solution for keeping living spaces clean and safe as it filters, purifies and enriches the air with negative ions.


Excellent Air Purification

Eliminates up to 99.995% of aiborne pollutants.

Strong Deodorization

A special deodorant filter removes harmful gases and the smell of food or cigarettes.

Negative Ion Generation

The vast quantity of negative ions generated lets you enjoy really fresh air.

Ag allergy shield filter

Ag/Apatite, Anti-Legionella antimicrobial is a non-woven fabric to remove bacteria and Legionella bacillus which are particularly hazardous to infants.

Turbo Mode Operation

The unit purifiers air in turbo mode in a very short time when pollution is due to an excessive amount of dust or odour.

High Tech - Modern Design

Therapy Air® iOn’s Best Features: -Wall-Hanging Slim Design -Rhythmic Cleaning -Silent Operation at Night -Safety Design for Customers -Mood Light -Child Mode -Remote Control


A Nature-like process

The clever insight of Zepter International was that of combining the effectiveness of special filters with the properties and roles played by negative ions.

Negative Ions

Nature produces negative ions by releasing and linking electrons to neutral particles in the air. The Therapy Air® iOn generator creates negative ions

Real “fresh-air resort”

Therapy Air® iOn generates about 220.000 ions per cm3 in turbo mode, i.e. double the amount of air in the healthiest of environments like that surrounding a huge waterfall for instance.

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